Lab-Grown Meat Asian Expansions – Mitsubishi & Aleph Farms Enter Japan with Lab-Grown Meat (

The Israelian company Aleph Farms recently launched a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi to bring lab-grown meat to Japan, where interest in cultured meat is growing. Aleph Farms is leveraging Mitsubishi’s biotechnology expertise and manufacturing capabilities in order to scale both production and distribution. Together, the two will sell lab-grown steak, a type of clutred meat that is made from animal cells.

“The cooperation demonstrates Aleph Farms’ strategy of working together with the food and meat industries to ensure a successful integration of cultivated meat within the ecosystem while maximizing the positive impact we make,” Toubia said in a statement sent to LIVEKINDLY. “We are excited to bring cultivated meat production closer to the Japanese market.”

Image Credit: Mitsubishi, Aleph Farms

January 20, 2021
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