Kristen Doute Kneels at Black Lives Matter Protest: See! I’m Not Racist!

Let’s give Kristen Doute some credit, shall we?

The disgraced reality star isn’t just talking the talk.

She’s attempting to walk the walk.

Kristen Doute on Vanderpump

The former Bravo personality, who was fired in June due to her history of racially-insensitive behavior, accompanied boyfriend Alex Menache to a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles over this past weekend.

Did she do so just for the following photo op?

Just to try and improve her reputation after some serious public relations missteps?

Perhaps. But, hey, she still showed up! That’s something, isn’t it?

Kristen Doute Kneels

“Thank you @iketweezy and @ronnyrock you are doing amazing things,” Menache wrote via his Instagram Stories on a video he took on Saturday, July 26.

Menache, who has been romantically linked to Doute since March, shared footage of the peaceful gathering, where all attendees were kneeling.

Doute, for her part, donned a black face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic, along with a denim shirt, as she took part in the event.

“Thank you for making his [sic] amazing community for 60 days,” Menache added. “It’s so powerful and important. #kneelforjustice.

Kristen Doute for Bravo

Doute was given a pink slip by Bravo several weeks ago after she and Stassi Schroeder were forced to admit that they called the police on co-worker Faith Stowers in 2018.

They did so because Stowers is Black and because they had read that a Black woman was wanted for a crime.

And… that was it.

In response to this behavior, Doute wrote online that she was “ashamed, embarrassed and incredibly sorry,” adding: “I will do better. I have to do better.”

kristen insta

Well-meaning words and sentiment, but Doute later appeared on a podcast and seemed annoyed that critics think she is some kind of saint.

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is that I have so much to learn,” the Michigan native said during the July 15 episode of the “Hollywood Raw” podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.

She continued;

“I know that’s super cliché and a lot of people say that but it’s absolutely true because I think that I thought that I understood racism but now I’m really learning about unconscious bias.”

Kristen Doute with Wine

Again, sounds great.

But Doute also argued that she shouldn’t have been fired and Bravo should instead of exploited the situation by keeping her on board and filming her evolution as a person.

While paying her a big salary, of course.

Kristen Doute on Insta

Added Doute on this podcast:

“Learning about anti-racism. Learning about how we can do things locally to really truly make changes and putting work into your community locally to make those changes I think [are] so important.”

After losing her job and having her Witches of WeHo wines pulled from shelves, Doute has since reconnected with Schroeder.

“Stassi and Kristen are friends at this point,” an insider told Us Weekly.

“The two of them are going through this together and the experience has brought them closer together again.”

July 29, 2020
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