Katy Perry: ‘I’m ready to give birth… but I’m nervous about the pain!’

Katy Perry is ‘ready’ to welcome her first child into the world, even though she’s feeling slightly nervous about the pain involved in the birthing process.

The Roar singer is expecting a baby girl with fiance Orlando Bloom and opened up about how she’s preparing for the big day – believed to be next month – during an interview on Britain’s The One Show on Tuesday night.

Asked if she was feeling worried about the prospect of childbirth, Katy replied: “I think I’ll feel more nervous when the baby comes out, in terms of the pain scale. I’m ready, not afraid, I’ve helped deliver my sister’s babies in the living room, in a tub, on her bed, filming it.”

She also praised Orlando for being “helpful and supportive – especially in this last stretch.”

The 35-year-old also reflected on the scrutiny she faces online: “For instance, if I spell the word ‘you’re’ wrong, wooo I’m over, that day is over. It’s intense, it’s a blessing and curse,” she sighed.

Noting, “I stopped drinking and tweeting together in 2014,” Katy said she is highly conscious of she writes on social media, adding that it needs to be beneficial to her followers: “I’m a light worker and I want to work in the positive and contribute to the betterment of society.”

“Social media is hard but everything starts at home, parents, boundaries and respect,” Katy concluded, “You can’t point the figure on the outside.”

July 16, 2020
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