iQoo to show off a phone with its 120W FlashCharge tech

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The race for the fastest charging tech in a smartphone picked up pace a couple of weeks back with Vivo’s iQOO rushing it to the stages before others. At least technically, they were the first to demo it on stage. That doesn’t seem to be over yet, as the company is set to demonstrate the 120W Flash Charge technology to the audience at an event next week.

China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (nicknamed China Joy) is Asia’s largest games event that is held annually where the entire games industry meets for four days to discuss developments happening in online, social, mobile games locally and abroad. This year it’s happening between July 31 and August 3 and iQOO, which has gaming at its roots, is said to host a booth at the event.

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(Image credit: iQOO)

It will showcase the 120W fastest charging technology in a smartphone this time along with various other services at the event. If we recall, iQOO had promised that it would be bringing a device with 120W Flash Charge technology as early as July or August and hence we can expect to see at least a prototype at the event so the audience can visualize the wonder happening in minutes. Although we can’t say if it will actually be available to buy on the market. 

Alongside the 120W, it is said to showcase a live AI application, live comparison of 144Hz refresh rate screen displays with lower ones, performance, battery life, music, and other hidden perks of iQOO devices.

But we already know that 120W will be the star of the show as the company already demonstrated it via an online event that a typical 4,000mAh battery will be charged within 15 minutes.

Regarding the battery feature, we expect it to be the dissected dual 6-C cell technology where each cell mounts to 2,000mAh each. They will charge at 60W each via three parallel pump circuits inside thereby helping the technology to achieve a 97% Charge conversion ratio.

As for the device, there is no info yet but rumours point that Vivo is prepping for a Pro version of the iQOO 3 and it might debut with the 120W Flash Charge and being a gaming-centric brand, we can expect Flagship Qualcomm 8 series SoC, battery cooling and more.

July 29, 2020
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