iOS 15 looks even more unlikely now for these older iPhone models

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S
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Late last year, a report suggested that 2021’s expected iOS 15 update from Apple wouldn’t be landing on some older iPhone models and a new source is claiming to have similar information backing up that claim.

If both these reports are correct, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and original iPhone SE will be the handsets that don’t receive the latest software. That suggests the iPhone 7 series and later will still get iOS 15.

This new information comes from a new report in French website iPhoneSoft. While we haven’t seen any leaks from this source in the past, the website is claiming it has its information from a source within Apple.

The phones listed in this new report match the iPhone models we’ve previously heard would miss out on iOS 15, but it doesn’t mention the iPad models that were in the 2020 report from a different source.

That suggested the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad 5 (the model from 2017) would be set to miss out on the upgrade to iPadOS 15 – an offshoot of iOS 15 software – but it’s possible iPads were just omitted from the new list.

Apple often unveils its software updates at WWDC in June, and last year the company went for a virtual event to ensure it could still unveil its new software. What will happen for 2021’s event is still unclear, but expect to hear about Apple’s new mobile phone software around the middle of the year.

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January 22, 2021
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