Interactive Kid-Friendly Podcasts – The ‘Who Smarted?’ Podcast Combines Fun with Facts (

The comedic podcast called ‘Who Smarted?’ is igniting kids’ natural curiosity to learn. From the Emmy-nominated creators of ‘Brain Games’ and ‘Brainchild,’ the new kid-friendly podcast was designed to hide educational material within its entertaining content. When “virtual schooling” became the norm, parents discovered that educational podcasts are often a smarter, better way for kids to learn. Now the award-winning duo, Jerry Kolber and Adam “Tex” Davis are putting their unique spin on educational podcasts.

Airing three times a week, Who Smarted? capitalizes on research that shows consistency is the key to impactful learning. With episodes spanning around 12 minutes, they are perfectly timed for “kid-sized” attention spans. Each episode covers a new fun, interesting, and above all, relatable topic rooted in science and history. Some recent episodes include “What does your Poo say about you?” and “Why is Mars more popular than Venus?”.

“From our work on Brainchild, we understand the need to entertain kids with something that’s fun in order to engage their minds. Research shows children in the 5- to 10-year-old age range are vastly more likely to explore a topic, have higher comprehension, and be more engaged about topics they’ve heard rather than read. This makes podcasts the unexplored frontier for learning,” comment Kolber and Davis, co-founders of Atomic Entertainment.

Image Credit: Atomic Entertainment

May 18, 2021
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