Innovative Premium Cooking Oils – Calyxt is Enhancing the Power of Plants Through Biotechnology (

Calyxt is “harnessing the power and possibility of plants to develop healthier, more sustainable ingredients” and its premium cooking oil is the epitome of this mission. Dubbed ‘Calyno,’ the high oleic soybean oil is considered to be “the first gene-edited product with a healthy nutritional profile and improved crop traits.” Calyno is Midwest-grown and fully traceable from farm to table, which strengthens the trust between brand and consumer.

The food tech company is dedicated to expanding its innovation portfolio by bringing together “insights, plant breeding technology, and advanced analytical tools” to the foreground of food production. Currently, Calyxt is working on some next-gen solutions for the market that include the use of alfalfa, wheat, potato, and more.

Image Credit: Calyxt

July 3, 2020
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