Immunity Testing Kits – PlantForm Developed a Test to Determine If Patients are Immune to COVID-19 (

PlantForm, a biopharmaceutical company, recently announced it was developing one of the first Canadian tests to determine if patients are immune to COVID-19. While many COVID-19 tests simply determine if someone has been exposed to the virus, this step is key in determining if patients are able to return to the workforce without risk of infecting others or re-contracting the virus.

“I saw a report in the last couple of days that there were some recovered patients in China who are now showing signs of the virus again, so it’s very important to have a test that knows if it is safe to go back,” said PlantForm CEO Don Stewart. “We’re trying to develop that test and increase the comfort level for people going back into the workforce and back into their communities.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock

July 9, 2020
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