Hana Cross will detail ‘raw split’ from Brooklyn Beckham on new album

Model Hana Cross will detail her “raw split” from Brooklyn Beckham on her upcoming debut record.

Hana Cross will open up about her “raw split” from Brooklyn Beckham on her new album.

The 23-year-old model and 21-year-old aspiring photographer Brooklyn split in August 2019 and Hana is said to be upset that he has moved on and is now engaged to actress Nicola Peltz, 25.

On her upcoming debut record, she sings: “I wish that someone told me you had a habit for dishonesty . . . though you break my heart, I want to stay.”

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “She is still raw from her split with Brooklyn and it pains her to see him so happy.

“Her record has a few heartbreak songs and she isn’t afraid of expressing how she feels. It’s probably best that Brooklyn steers well clear of it when the record comes out.”

Hana previously posted a new song called “unsaid” on Instagram, which is believed to have been inspired by Brooklyn.

The lyrics include lines such as: “You broke my heart and said let’s be friends but I never heard from you again and that’s kind of mean.

“I saw us as meant to be and you saw me as temporary and that’s kind of rough.

“I’m confused and I’m sad, I don’t know what I did but you said it wasn’t my fault but without reason how can I know?”

Hana is not the only woman to pen a song about Brooklyn; his ex-girlfriend Tallia Storm – who he dated back in 2015 when they were both young teenagers – reportedly wrote the tune ‘Still in Love’ about the star in 2017.

Speaking about the song at the time, she said: “This song is about being the ever dramatic teen that I am, and about my experience about two years ago.

“Just about when you’re in love with somebody and they move on, and you know, they kind of cheat on you.

“I think songs nowadays are like, everyone’s so happy to be about the one being the cheater.

“But you know what? Actually let’s appreciate the fact when you’re not – and you are actually the one that’s been dumped. But that’s just me.

“I wrote from my heart and I’m not one to tell lies in my songs.”

August 31, 2020
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