Guess the Kardashian Bodies: Can You ID the Krazy Kurves?? [UPDATED!]

As public figures for the past decade or longer, the Kardashians, and the Jenners for that matter, certainly know a thing or two about flaunting their enviable abs for everyone to see.

And lips, and boobs, butts and everything else. 

That’s like saying they know about breathing.

From Kylie to Kimberly, Kendall to Khloe and even Kris, these people have proven time and again throughout the years that any exposure is good exposure. But can you tell one from another?

It’s harder than you might think. Check it out:

The Assets in These Jeans Are Owned By …

The Assets in These Jeans Are Owned By ...

That is some enviable booty right there, crammed into a tight-fitting pair of jeans. And you might be surprised at which family member owns it.

… Kendall Jenner!

... Kendall Jenner!

Yup, she’s got it goin’ on in the curves department as well.

Who left their peach on the beach?

Who left their peach on the beach?

Someone out here has to be a foot fetishist with every celebrity’s feet memorized. Whose delectable derriere is on display?

… Kourtney!

... Kourtney!

She loves the beach, and fans love her peach.

This Waist Trainer is …

This Waist Trainer is ...

The Kardashians love their waist training. But who’s doing it here?!



She can shill for whatever waist training product or regimen she likes, but somehow, we doubt that’s what a lot of her Internet fans are interested in here.

You’re Ogling the Cleavage of …

You're Ogling the Cleavage of ...

That cleave action is impressive. But whose could it be?!



Sadly, that’s Scott Disick quasi-feeling her up. Sad for her, given the amount of years wasted letting him do this. Sad for him, in that he let the mother of his children – and a gorgeous, sexy woman to boot – get away because he valued partying more.

Behold the Glamorous, Gorgeous …

Behold the Glamorous, Gorgeous ...

… elegant …

… Cait.

... Cait.

Even if you’re not quite used to this, you gotta admit – she looks great.

This Booty Belongs to …

This Booty Belongs to ...

Whose cheeks are these? Can you tell based on these selfies?



Khloe Kardashian may not know who her biological father is, but she sure puts the ASS in Kardashian! Or she would, if there were an a-s-s in “Kardashian.” You get the idea. Booty. That be some serious booty.

Who’s Giving Herself a Squeeze?

Who's Giving Herself a Squeeze?

What member of the Kar-Jenner clan is getting hands with herself here?

That’s Kylie!

That's Kylie!

Yes, Kylie decided to undergo a self-exam while taking a dip recently. Very health conscious!

Who’s Eager to Show Off Her New Bra?

Who's Eager to Show Off Her New Bra?

And which of the sisters decided to show off her latest fashion acquisition while modeling at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

… It’s Kylie Again!

... It's Kylie Again!

Come on! If you missed that one, we’re gonna need you to start taking notes. The questions are only getting harder from here.

Which Sisters Are Getting Up Close & Personal?

Which Sisters Are Getting Up Close & Personal?

Two of the Kar-Jenners are really laying on the PDA during a photoshoot. Can you guess which ones?

Kendall and Kylie!

Kendall and Kylie!

Why, that display of sisterly affection is all Kendall and Kylie!

Whose Bikini Selfie Is This?

Whose Bikini Selfie Is This?

Who’s flaunting her insanely toned frame in this barely-there bikini?

… That’s Kendall

... That's Kendall

Yes, it’s Kendall doing what she does best — modeling! The girl never stops serving looks, even when she’s on vacation.

Whose boobs are getting squeezed?

Whose boobs are getting squeezed?

If there’s no corset or bra around, Kardashians make do with their hands.

… You know it’s Kim!

... You know it's Kim!

Kim knows how to show off her boobs for maximum effect.

This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is …

This Lingerie-Clad Beauty is ...

Racy underwear photos are familiar territory for the whole family. But in this case, the gorgeous young woman posing is …



Not surprising, being the model that she is.

Bikini Babe of the Century …

Bikini Babe of the Century ...

Genetics are a powerful thing. Because this is actually …

… Kris Jenner!

... Kris Jenner!

Sorry. But you gotta hand it to her. She looks great here.

Who’s Peeling Off This Swimsuit?

Who's Peeling Off This Swimsuit?

Epic cleavage. TINY waist. Peeling off a swimsuit on Instagram. That doesn’t necessarily narrow it down, but this clue ought to help: Her birthday was the occasion for this pic! You guessed it …

… Kylie (Photo By Tyga)!

... Kylie (Photo By Tyga)!

Tyga actually posted this racy snapshot of his girlfriend Kylie Jenner in honor of her 18th birthday, no doubt proud that he’s dating someone who looks like this, and no longer worries about having a sexual relationship with her illegally.

Just a Normal Night in Bed with …

Just a Normal Night in Bed with ...

Big lips. Plunging top. TMI selfies from bed. That can only mean this is …

… Kendall! (Whoa.)

... Kendall! (Whoa.)

We know. She’s gone on to some great success in her modeling career, but for a time it felt like she was morphing into Kim (or maybe a Kim-Kylie hybrid) before our eyes.

Ooooh, who is this gorgeous, naked lady?

Ooooh, who is this gorgeous, naked lady?

Perfect skin? Check. Perfect figure? Check. Seductive sideboob? Also check. But whose?

… Kourtney!

... Kourtney!

Consider us slain.

The St. Barts Boobs of …

The St. Barts Boobs of ...

Which Kardashian or Jenner is seen here, flaunting her cleavage for days (months, years even)? The long, dark locks might give it away …

… Kimberly!

... Kimberly!

She “wrote” a whole book on selfies. This one shows off her true “talents” like none other.

This Enviable Bikini Bod Belongs to …

This Enviable Bikini Bod Belongs to ...

Who’s leaving tongues wagging at the beach this summer?

… Kylie! (Yowza.)

... Kylie! (Yowza.)

Okay, maybe her own name on the bikini was a giveaway.

July 29, 2020
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