Google Rolls Out Redesigned Mobile Search Pages

(Image: Google)

Google search may be a mainstay for desktop browsing, but its mobile version has left often much to be desired.

Luckily, as 9to5Google reports, Google has rolled out a drastic redesign for mobile searches. The new look keeps things simple. This includes eliminating shadows, updating fonts, and improving readability. The search field itself is now more prominent. The design also incorporates more purposefully implemented color to draw users’ eyes to search results.

“We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily,” Google designer Aileen Cheng explains in a blog post.

The search results are front and center, with “breathing room” and visual space where it’s needed most. It also “leans into that Googley feeling,” something Cheng finds fundamental to the new look.

“If you look at the Google logo, you’ll notice there’s a lot of roundness to it, so we’re borrowing from that and bringing it to other places as well,” she says. The changes should be live now.

January 23, 2021
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