Google Pixel 4a deals can already save you up to $110 this week at Best Buy and Verizon

Google Pixel 4a deals price sales cheap

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The Google Pixel 4a has just been released but we’re already starting to see a few great deals pop up for those ready to jump over to this great new budget phone.

Best Buy especially is offering an excellent launch promotion right now, which means you can potentially pick up the Google Pixel 4a for just $249.99 (was $349) currently. 

That above price is applicable for new Sprint customers switching over and activating today, but if you’re a Verizon or AT&T customer don’t worry – you’re also getting a $50 off upfront discount with every activation.

Here’s a quick rundown of the terms and available discounts for these Google Pixel 4a deals at Best Buy:

  • Verizon$50 off if you activate today
  • AT&T$50 off if you activate today
  • Sprint$100 off if you’re switching, or $50 off if you’re upgrading

If you were thinking about going for Verizon, also consider the next Google Pixel 4a deal on our list – which can potentially save you $110 overall. 

Right now Verizon is offering the Google Pixel 4a for just $10 (was $15.83) a month, which brings the total cost over 24 months to just $240. That’s currently the cheapest price we’ve seen on the Google Pixel 4a so far, though note – this discount is only eligible when bought with a new line currently. Even still, this deal is available for both new and existing customers, which makes it a great option for those thinking about making the upgrade to this great new affordable phone.

This week’s best Google Pixel 4a deals

Google Pixel 4a 128GB: $349 $299 at Best Buy

Best Buy’s new Google Pixel 4a promotion can score you $50 off your upfront cost if you’re activating today on Verizon and AT&T, with a further potential saving of $50 for Sprint activations. If you were thinking about picking up one of these great new affordable smartphones anyway, this is easily the best way to save some cash right now.

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Google Pixel 4a 128GB: $15.83 $10/month at Verizon

If you pick up the Google Pixel 4a at Verizon this week with a new line you’ll slash your monthly bill right down to $10 – giving a total cost of just $240 split over your 24-month contract. This Google Pixel 4a deal is open to both existing and new users, which is fantastic for those thinking about upgrading to this great new budget alternative.

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  • Verizon – check out the main Verizon deals page for more great cell phone offers
  • Read more about the upcoming Labor Day sales event

Should I buy the Google Pixel 4a?

The new Google Pixel 4a is a great option for those looking for a fairly affordable smartphone with plenty of grunt under the hood and the ability to capture excellent photos. 

While it currently only comes in one color – the aptly named  ‘Just Black’, you’re getting a ton of premium features packed into a mid-range phone that costs just $349 on release ($50 cheaper than the previous Google Pixel 3A).  

The 12.2MP camera and 5.81-inch OLED screen are particular highlights with this device, giving it a far more premium feel than it’s fairly modest price tag would suggest. Those features do come with a slight trade-off however, as the battery life isn’t amazing in our opinion, and neither is the Snapdragon 730G processor – which doesn’t quite yield as good of a performance as the iPhone SE’s A13 Bionic chip.

Don’t let that discourage you however, as this is definitely a top choice for Android aficionados – especially those who like to snap a great photo or two.

Another fantastic budget alternative to check out are the latest iPhone SE deals – which can potentially score you a free iPhone. If you’d like to cast your net out further, also check out the best cell phone deals this week, as well as the best Verizon deals.

August 21, 2020
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