Google Pixel 4a deal: get a free 43-inch OLED TV from EE with this epic offer

Google Pixel 4a deals

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We’ve been banging the drum for Google Pixel 4a deals since the day they came out just a few months ago. They immediately offered some genuinely affordable tariffs on a mid-range phone we really rate. But we had a funny feeling that it was worth waiting things out until Black Friday before taking the plunge.

History tells us that EE‘s special Black Friday trick is to throw around some seriously eye-catching freebies at this time of year. And as well as offering free Nintendo Switches with Oppo handsets and Apple Airpods with the great value iPhone SE, its Google Pixel 4a offer might be the best of the lot.

Sign up for EE’s 10GB data plan with the 4a for £39 per month and £30 upfront, and it will send you a hulking big 43-inch OLED TV from popular manufacturer LG. When phone retailers usually chuck in freebies like phone covers and screen protectors, a brand new TV set kind of stands out!

Head straight to EE to see its full selection of free gifts and phones

Despite its bargain basement pricing, the Google Pixel 4a still manages to maintain some strong specs. It features a 3140mAh battery, which will give a longer life than other Pixel devices. And while it only has one camera lens, this is a powerful piece of kit with Google’s high-end software boosting its ability.

We know that Black Friday phone deals are only just getting started, but we’d be surprised if too many free gift offers come in and trump what EE is doing already.

Why should I get my Black Friday phone deal on EE?

EE has spent the last few years as the most popular network and it is quite understandable why. Not only does it have the UK’s fastest 4G network but it also competes with O2 and Vodafone on freebies.

With EE you get free subscriptions to BT Sport, Britbox, Apple Music, Apple TV and more. EE also offers features like data caps, Wi-Fi calling and discounts on EE broadband if you sign up.

November 7, 2020
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