Generative Design Vans – Volkswagen Used Generative Design Software to Improve Its 1962 VW Microbus (

Volkswagen’s Innovation and Engineering Center California recently partnered with Autodesk to redesign the iconic 1962 VW Microbus. Autodesk’s generative design software empowered engineers and designers to easily optimize designs, as the software can create design options based on user parameters.

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software was used to successfully reduce the weight often BW 162 Microbus. Specifically, the system created a lighter wheel design which reduces the mass of the car and reduces rolling resistance in the tires. The wheels were 18% lighter than previous versions. Other improvements included a reworked steering wheel, bench support structures, and external mirror mounts.

Andrew Morandi, a senior product designer for Volkswagen Group, spoke about implementing generative design, “With generative design it’s possible to create structures that we, as human designers and engineers, could never have created otherwise.”

Image Credit: Volkswagen/ Autodesk

July 23, 2020
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