Gavin Rossdale ‘guilty’ of neglecting relationship commitments in favour of work

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale has opened up about the revealing lyrics from the group’s new album, The Kingdom.

The British rockers released their latest record on Friday and, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the star addresses speculation that the lyrics to one track, titled Ghosts in the Machine, are about his ex-wife Gwen Stefani.

“I used to think that you could fix me,” the star, who split from the mother of his three sons in 2016, croons. “I used to think that ’till death us do part.”

Addressing the lyrics, he explained: “You’re just like a worker bee and then you lift your head up and 20 years later in your life is gone. I think we’re all guilty of that and we all want to be better.

“We all look at social media because we want a better life,” he added. “We all kind of look at people that we’re attracted to because they might complete us and perfect us.”

The 54-year-old singer added that Ghosts in the Machine is also about trying “to be someone special for someone and that didn’t work out.”

While Rossdale didn’t confirm whether or not any of his songs are about Stefani, he did tell The Guardian recently that his split from Stefani was the “most embarrassing” moment of his life.

The former couple wed in 2002 and shares three kids – 14-year-old Kingston, 11-year-old Zuma and six-year-old Apollo.

July 19, 2020
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