Garmin Venu smartwatch deals hit lowest price yet this weekend

Garmin Venu smartwatch deals sales

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This weekend is playing host to Garmin Venu smartwatch deals in both the US and UK, with Amazon leading the way with the lowest prices we’ve seen yet. That’s excellent news for anyone on the hunt for premium fitness tracking without the $300 usual price tag. 

You’ll find the Garmin Venu available for just $298 at Amazon this weekend. That’s $1 cheaper than it’s ever been before, and a fantastic improvement on the $349.99 MSRP. Previous sales have put it at $299 at various points throughout the year, so if you missed out then you’ve got another chance this weekend. 

If you’re shopping in the UK, however, prices are dropping even further from their usual discounted positions. With a £99.99 discount, this final £230 price tag comes in around £10 cheaper than the lowest price we saw before this week. With an RRP of £329.99 that’s an excellent saving overall, and one that brings Garmin Venu smartwatch deals closer to the price of the less powerful Garmin Vivoactive 4. 

We’re going into more detail on these Garmin Venu smartwatch deals just below, but you’ll find plenty more Garmin sales further down the page as well. Or, browse more models in our roundup of the best cheap smartwatch sales happening right now.

Today’s best Garmin Venu smartwatch deals

Garmin Venu smartwatch: $349.99 $298 at Amazon

Save $51.99 on the Garmin Venu smartwatch at Amazon this weekend – a saving that puts the final price at $1 cheaper than any previous sales have in the past. With a massive range of sophisticated fitness tracking capabilities, music features and a design that sits well as a smartwatch or fitness tracker, there’s plenty of value packed into this price tag.

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Garmin Venu smartwatch: £329.99 £230 at Amazon

It’s a great time to be shopping for Garmin Venu smartwatch deals in the UK, as Amazon has just cut £99 from the price of this premium wristpiece. Coming in £10 cheaper than we’ve ever seen it before, you can pick up the all-in-one fitness tracker for just £230 this weekend.

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More Garmin smartwatch sales

If you’re not sure you need all the fancy features of the Garmin Venu, check out all the other Garmin smartwatch deals happening right now. The price comparison chart below brings you all the lowest costs from around the web, so you always know you’re getting the best price.

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September 11, 2020
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