Gamified Psychometric Assessments – Talent Litmus Boasts Games for High-Performance Organizations (

Talent Litmus is a tool that helps high-performance organizations maintain a high standard and even improve efficiency in workflow. Grounded in a proprietary artificial intelligence-backed algorithm that is strengthened by psychology and data sciences, the platform prioritizes gamification through a “45-minute gameplay [that] captures more than 5,000 data points to build a detailed map of the candidate’s personality, attitude and cognitive abilities.”

This data is later assessed to predict the candidate’s likelihood of success in a given role within the high-performing organization, what will motivate him/her/them to do better in the workplace, as well as provide insight into managerial abilities, leadership style, and behavior under stress.

In addition, the company is also building engaging games for learning and corporate training.

Image Credit: Talent Litmus

July 3, 2020
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