Functional Electrical Stimulation Clothing – Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Creates Tech Solutions (

In late 2019, researchers at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute shared that they were testing new wearable technology that can “reawaken” the muscles of people who have experienced paralysis from neurological problems—issues like strokes and spinal cord injuries are included here. The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is developing shirts and pants that are capable of delivering functional electrical stimulations (FES), ultimately assisting individuals in their path to recovery by improving motor function or different abilities that were made difficult—like grasping at an object, for example.

FES, which will be embedded in a piece of clothing, entails brief, low-intensity electrical impulses that stimulate both neural pathways and muscle contraction. The innovation allows for individuals to seamlessly rehabilitate from the comfort of their own home.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

July 16, 2020
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