Fiona Apple Sings the Gershwins’ “Bidin’ My Time” in Pro-Biden Voting PSA: Watch

fiona apple biddin' my time joe biden voting psa video watch

In a year that has seen many become increasingly vocal about their politics, Fiona Apple has made sure her progressive voice has been heard. She’s marched in support of Black Lives Matter, pledged numerous song royalties to charities, and leant her voice to a video about documenting ICE agents. Now, the Fetch the Bolt Cutters singer has given a playful endorsement to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a new voting PSA.

Posted by her friend/roommate Zelda Hallman on Instagram, the clip sees Apple singing George and Ira Gershwin’s “Biddin’ My Time”, a song from their 1930 musical Girl Crazy. As she sings the ditty, she gives a not-so-subtle nod to Biden by whipping out her “I Voted” sticker right as the chorus hits. With a smile and a nod, she slaps on the sticker like an eye-patch. Take a look below.

Indeed, the election is just nine days away, and early voting across the country is already well underway. Find out more about how to vote, and make sure your voice is heard.

Earlier this month, Apple delivered her first-ever performance of the Fetch the Bolt Cutters material as part of the virtual New Yorker Festival.

October 26, 2020
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