Exclusive: Climate Change and Feminism Podcast “Mothers of Invention” Is Back With Season 3 Trailer


Exclusive: Climate Change and Feminism Podcast “Mothers of Invention” Is Back With Season 3 Trailer

“Mothers of Invention” is here to help save the world — or at the very least, provide listeners with “plenty [of content] to clog their racist uncle’s inboxes with.” In our exclusive trailer for the third season of the podcast, Mary Robinson, Maeve Higgins, and Thimali Kodikara reflect on “Mothers of Invention’s” history and future.

“Season 1 we learned what climate justice is. Season 2 we got to sit in the booth alongside inspiring climate leaders of color,” we’re reminded.

This season, the podcast will “introduce us to some of the most inspiring feminist climate leaders on the planet. I called all my favorite climate voices around the world for their good advice on the big issues for 2020,” Kodikara explains, “and I’ve got oceans of good news for you: there’s no way anyone’s leaving without feeling energized to get involved.”

Set to launch August 5, Season 3 will feature discussions about reparations, immigration, agriculture, biodiversity, and new economics. The first episode of the new season is titled “We Are Really Big Huggers,” named in honor of a line from guest Daiara Tukano, an indigenous Brazilian activist who reflects on how hard social distancing has been for her people. The episode also features Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim, co-founder of Green New Deal UK and the Build Back Better campaign.

This season marks Kodikara’s first as an on-mic host. She’s worked as a producer on the podcast since Season 2. The multi-disciplinary producer, artist, and activist has produced editorial content for Christie’s and Getty Images.

A contributing writer for The New York Times and a regular on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” Higgins is a comedian and migration scholar.

Robinson led the UN Human Rights Commission after serving as the first female President of Ireland. She set up the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Foundation, which works to achieve sustainable and people-centered development across the globe. Robinson succeeded Kofi Annan to be the first woman chair of The Elders, the group of elder statespeople founded by Nelson Mandela.

You can listen to new episodes of “Mothers of Invention” on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, tunein, RSS, Stitcher, and PCA, or visit the podcast’s official website.

July 31, 2020
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