Even Before the iPhone 12 Debuts, Some Android Users Are Prepared to Switch

There are some rivalries that just won’t die. Android versus iPhone is one of those. But the Apple iPhone 12 might cause some Android diehards to defect.

A SellCell.com survey found that nearly 33 percent of current Android device owners plan on switching to the upcoming iPhone

They had varied reasons, with the most cited being longer software support (55.9 percent). Even Android lovers have to admit that new versions of iOS work with a long list of older handsets

Privacy protection was one of the top reasons given (48.8 percent), and it’s something that Apple has long been known for, though Android devices have gotten some more control over Google tracking

The iPhone 12 is expected to come in a mini version, which might have impacted the answers of those who said they are drawn to a compact form factor (36.9 percent). Indeed the potential iPhone 12 Mini would be the phone of choice for 48 percent of those who said they’d switch.

pie chart shows the iPhone 12 Mini is the most popular pick with over 48% votes.iPhone SE has come back.

The newest iPhones are almost guaranteed to have 5G connectivity, a first for iPhones but something that many models of Android devices have had for a while. Nevertheless, 19 percent of survey respondents said if they switch, this would be a factor in their decision. 

Two of the most subjective things when it comes to phones are features and UI. Existing Android users that answered the survey have found themselves swayed, saying that if they make a switch, better features (24.7 percent) and a better UI (12.1 percent) will be among the reasons why.

October 7, 2020
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