Edible Seaweed Food Packaging – This New Edible Food Packaging Helps Offset Carbon Emissions (TrendHunter.com)

The crisis of the plastic pollution crisis has never been more apparent, with predications that plastic could outnumber fish in three short decades. To help combat this problem, designer Wenwen Fan launched a plastic-free solution to food packaging — low-calorie edible seaweed food packaging.

Made from seaweed and vegetable extracts, the new packaging adds additional nutritional value to your meal and supports gut health. Not only is the packaging safe for human consumption, but it’s also 100 percent biodegradable if the food finds its way into landfill or waterways. Plus, consumers have a variety of flavors to choose from including Grape, Carrot, Ginger, Kiwi, and Spirulina.

Lastly, consuming a plant-based diet also helps the environment, and research has shown that seaweed farming networks help offset carbon emissions.

Image Credit: Wenwen Fan

September 9, 2020
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