Dyson V12 release date, news and what to expect

Dyson V12 could bring big suction gains

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The Dyson V11 range of vacuums was unveiled in March 2019 and was the most powerful and longest-lasting the brand had ever launched – so we’re keenly awaiting what the Dyson V12 will bring as the inevitable enhancements arrive.

While the V11 looked the same as the previous version (the Cyclone V10), a new cleaning head that was able to adjust the power to suit different floor types, and a new motor that improved suction by 20%, had us seriously impressed. 

 Expected Dyson V12 price 

Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t come cheap of course, and the V12 will be no exception. The V11 range comes in three variants, which allows us to make some educated guesses as to the price of the V12 models.

The Dyson V11 Animal, which in the UK doesn’t have the new cleaning head and in the US doesn’t have an LCD display, is the cheapest model in the range at £499 or $599.95 (it’s not available in Australia). 

Next up is the Dyson V11 Absolute, which will set you back £599 / $699.95 / AU$1,199 and the most expensive cleaner is the Dyson V11 Outsize at £649 / $799.95 / AU$1,349, which builds on the V11 Absolute with a dust canister that’s 150% larger and a wider cleaning head.  

Similarly, there were three variants of the previous mode, the Dyson Cyclone V10. The V10 Animal came with five cleaning attachments and cost £399.99 / $499.99. In Australia this was known as the Cyclone V10 Animal and was priced at AU$899.99.

The V10 Absolute had an additional soft-roller attachment for hard floors for £449.99/US$549.99, and wasn’t made available in Australia. 

The most expensive model was the V10 total clean at £499.99 / $699. This had nine attachments in total including an extension hose and a mattress tool. In Australia the Cyclone V10 was the top-of-the-range model, priced at AU$1,099.99. 

With this in mind we’d expect the V12 range to start from £599 / $699.95 / AU$1,199 for the most basic model and rise to £699 / $799.95 / AU$1,299 for mid-range model. This could see the top-of-the-range model priced at an eye-watering £749 / $899.95 / AU$1,449.  

Dyson V11 Outsize

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Dyson V12 release date

The Dyson V11 range was first announced in March 2019, and the Cyclone V10 range was unveiled in March 2018. Dyson didn’t launch a new cordless vacuum in 2020, although this may have been at least in part due to the effects of the global pandemic. We’d expect the company to make an announcement about the V12 range in March 2021, although nothing has been confirmed as yet.  

It’s worth noting that the V11 Outsize was only recently released in the UK, having been made available in Australia and the US much earlier, so the V12 range of vacuums may have staggered release dates too. 

 What we want to see 

Dyson has upped the ante with each new range of its cordless vacuums, and we expect no less from the V12. Here’s what we want to see… 

1. Better suction power

Dyson has included a more powerful motor that spins faster and increases the suction of the vacuum with each range it has released, and we’d expect no less when it comes to the V12. 

More suction power means the vacuum is better at sucking up ground-in dirt, making cleaning your floors a much quicker task. The Cyclone V10 offered a 20% boost in suction compared to the Dyson V8, and the Dyson V11 had 20% more suction power than the Cyclone V10, so we’d expect the V12 to follow the same pattern and offer at least a 20% improvement in suction.

2.  Swappable battery

The V11 range can last up to 60 minutes between charges, but that’s when using the Eco mode and on hard floors, and it lasts just six minutes when used on the most powerful setting. 

The US and Australian versions of the V11 Outsize came with the ability to swap out the battery and replace it with another fully charged one, meaning you don’t need to stop mid-vacuum and recharge the device. This wasn’t offered on the UK version, however. We’d like to see this feature extended to all of the models in the V12 range.

A swappable battery is something rival cordless vacuum brand Shark already offers with its Anti Hair Wrap Flexology cordless vacuum cleaner– and Shark’s offering is considerably cheaper than the V11, so this feature will be necessary to help Dyson justify the inevitably even higher cost of the V12.

Dyson V11 absolute pro

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 3. Bigger canister 

The Dyson V11 range has the same-sized canister as the Dyson Cyclone V10 range (with the exception of the V11 Outsize, which has a canister that’s 150% larger than the Cyclone V10’s). 

We’d expect the canister of the V12 will be bigger than the V11 range – and a larger canister means fewer interruptions when you’re vacuuming. However, the larger canister on the V11 Outsize makes that vacuum bulkier and heavier; instead, we’d like to see a 40% increase in canister size, which is the leap made between the V8 and the Cyclone V10, and which in our experience didn’t result in a noticeable impact on the overall size and weight of the vacuum. 

  4. High Torque cleaner head as standard

One of the key innovations in the V11 series was the High Torque cleaning head, which sensed the type of floor the cleaner was on and adjusted the power level to suit. However, this wasn’t included on the entry-level model in the V11 range. 

This time around we’d like to see any advancements to the cleaning head come as standard across all models in the V12 range.  

January 29, 2021
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