DNA-Based Weight Loss Programs – Digital Wellness Launches the DNA Diet Plan for Natural Weight Loss (TrendHunter.com)

Sydney-based Digital Wellness boasts the DNA Diet Plan to help consumers “reverse DNA damage” and enjoy natural and healthier weight loss.

The fact that the program is science-backed grants the DNA Diet Plan immense creditability. Available as a membership experience, those who sign up will enjoy a personalized menu that is tailored to their body chemistry. The nutritious meal plan is high in protein, rich in healthy fats, lower on carbs, and calorie-controlled. In addition, the plan includes a grocery list, recommended at-home exercises, specially curated wellness content from Mayo Clinic, and more. Moreover, the DNA Diet Plan includes an “easy-to-use weight loss tracker” to give users an overview of their progress, keeping them informed and motivated.

Image Credit: DNA Diet Plan

July 3, 2020
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