Digital Job Site Renderings – DroneDeploy Collaborated with Boston Dynamics on 360 Walkthrough (

A could software company, named DroneDeploy, created a new 3D Walkthrough system. 3D Walkthrough combines both drone images and ground images to create an accurate picture of what a site looks like, with accuracy down to one inch.

Drone Deploy is a cloud software company that uses drone technology to help various industries, including agriculture, construction and oil and gas.

DroneDeploy’s CEO, Mike Winn, spoke about the new system, “Our customers are also looking to get data from the interiors, and they’re looking for one digital twin, one digital reconstruction of their entire site to understand what’s going on to share across their company with the safety team and with executives that this is the status of the job site today.”

Image Credit: DroneDeploy/ Boston Dynamics

October 15, 2020
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