DHL Safety Rodeo saved from Covid-19 by Samsara fleet management software

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(Image credit: Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash)

The Covid-19 global pandemic has led to the cancellation of many highly-anticipated events around the world but not—thanks to fleet tracking systems—the fifth annual DHL Safety Rodeo. 

Previous DHL Safety Rodeos have brought together hundreds of drivers and spectators, as its couriers compete for the title of ‘safest driver’; clearly not an option in a socially-distanced world. But, rather than cancel the event, DHL reached out to fleet management company Samsara, to find a solution.

Fleet management software enables businesses to track mobile assets around the world. Samsara’s fleet management services enabled Safety Rodeo judges to not only follow drivers in real-time as they navigated city traffic and freeways, but to see what couriers were seeing, thanks to dash-cam integration, and better understand what was happening under the hood.

Rodeo judges go virtual to crown a winner

The Annual Safety Rodeo is an important event for DHL. “The Rodeo is part of our safety strategy and culture,” said Senior Manager of Safety Fred Matthews. It helps underscore the importance of driver safety and let’s couriers know their efforts are appreciated. “Our couriers do a fantastic job every single day,” continues Matthews, “and they should be recognized for what they do.”

This year, rather than bringing all the drivers together, each courier started from his or her home base. While this lowered the risks associated with Covid-19, it posed some logistical problems. In an article on its blog, Samsara describes how it was able to provide assistance to DHL. “This year, not only could we see what they went through inside their vehicles, but we could also do that remotely and virtually,” said Matthews.

Live video footage, GPS tracking, and real-time integration with the engine helped judges to crown this year’s champion, Chicago-based Roger McGown, and make sure everything went off without a hitch.

Read more on the Samsara website.

September 8, 2020
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