Destructo puts his expert touch on WHIPPED CREAM‘s “I Do The Most” featuring Lil Keed with this unexpected remix out today.

Tailoring his signature g-house sound to the bold and catchy nature of “I Do The Most,” Destructo delivers a remix with blasting out loudly this weekend. We’ve already experienced the track in a number of ways, but to have Destructo in the mix is truly next level.

The official remix pack tapped BIJOUKnock2, Pixel Terror, JACKNIFE, longstoryshort, Lucchii, and Savage Kids, all with unique and dynamic takes on “I Do The Most.” With some remixes more trap infused and others on the house side, the track sits at the perfect BPM to go either way.

Listen to Destructo’s “I Do The Most” remix right here!

WHIPPED CREAM – I Do The Most feat. Lil Keed (Destructo Remix)

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