Denise Richards Blocks Dorit Kemsley, Ghosts the Housewives, Admits Lying to Lisa Rinna in RHOBH Finale

Now that the Housewives have seen Brandi Glanville’s evidence, Denise Richards is panicking.

In the Season 10 finale, she ghosts the other ladies. Lisa Rinna is tired of Denise’s lies.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - Erika Jayne asks if the girls are coming

At the end of this season’s penultimate episode, the previews showed things reach a boiling point.

As always, though, they started innocently enough.

Erika Jayne is starring in a production of Chicago, and invited some of her friends to attend.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - arriving in NY

The Housewives arrive in New York and they’re excited about Erika’s billboard.

(Folks, she is an actual celebrity and also a reality star, but it’s still okay to be excited)

It doesn’t hurt that she looks absolutely great on it.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - Erika Jayne billboard

However, on to more dramatic things than … the literal dramatic arts.

You know in comic book stories when multiple supervillains team up because they’ve been thwarted separately?

Well, Denise Richards sat down with Camille Grammer for precisely that reason.

Denise Richards Dreads Seeing the Housewives Again

She complains about not being believed (no matter how many stories she comes up with!) by the other Housewives.

Denise resents it … and Camille tells her that she can relate.

Denise confesses that she is dreading seeing the other Housewives again. She has largely ghosted some of them since Rome.

Camille Grammer is Sympathetic

Camille asks her if she has any holy water — jokingly implying that they are demonic or perhaps undead, and holy water would protect Denise.

Multiple religions have water purification rituals, but Camille is clearly referring to the Catholic practice.

And Denise says that yes, she has some from her recent trip to Rome.

Camille Grammer Asks if Denise Richards Brought Holy Water

Apparently, Denise decided that holy water would not be enough to protect her from … what, exactly?

We’re guessing that she hopes to avoid any accountability or basic critical thinking on the part of the other Housewives.

Garcelle Beauvais is then seen sitting in her car, wondering where TF Denise is. She straight up stood her up.

Garcelle Beauvais Wants to Know Where Her Friend Is

Now, you might arrive at the party wondering where a friend is — maybe she arrived separately but rudely didn’t inform you.

Dorit decides to check in … and it appears that Denise has blocked her, Dorit, one of her only supporters in the group.

(We know that previews can be edited to be misleading, but it’s hard to imagine another context for Dorit saying “she blocked me!” here)

Dorit Kemsley Has Been BLOCKED

Dorit then compares notes with Sutton, Teddi, Kyle, Lisa, and Garcelle.

None of them seem to know where Denise is.

I, for one, have some questions for Sutton about her wardrobe choice for the evening … but that is neither here nor there.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Compare Notes

Now, it seems like Denise at some point tells the ladies that she had a “family emergency.”

Denise is a mother. Her ex is famously “controversial” (and that’s putting it politely).

Her current husband is hot but kinda nuts and thinks that he’s being stalked by Big Pharma. There is a lot of emergency potential.

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley React

At this point, they start to wonder if Denise is avoiding them or avoiding someone else.

Well who should they see but Brandi Glanville, in the flesh.

Brandi arrived with Kim, and while producers filmed them getting ready and driving over, this seems to be a surprise to some Housewives.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - Brandi Glanville waves hello

Brandi waves hello, in a friendly manner.

Meanwhile, the Housewives deny being responsible for inviting her.

But this awkward mess is nothing compared to what is to come.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - reactions (to Brandi?)

Because after this, we see Lisa Rinna sit down for a serious talk with Denise.

Lisa has already admitted that she feels that she cannot trust her longtime friend to tell the truth.

Still, she gives her a chance, asking what the family emergency was.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - Denise Richards vs Lisa Rinna

Denise fully admits that there was no family emergency.

Instead, she shares, she was simply avoiding the party and the people attending it.

She stood up Garcelle and the entire group because she wanted to avoid a “Jerry Springer” situation.

RHOBH 10 finale pre - Denise Richards admits she lied

Denise says this very frankly. Lisa does not take it well.

“We were worried about you,” Lisa tells her. “You said ‘family emergency.'”

Denise appears to try to protest, but Lisa is furious.

Denise Richards Faces Off Against Lisa Rinna

“You lied!” she accuses her friend. “That’s a lie.”

It is not the first that Lisa believes that Denise has told in recent weeks. And some of those lies were at Lisa’s expense.

This season has been a wild ride. We cannot wait for that finale!

August 22, 2020
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