Cordless Vacuum Coffee Makers – The VacOne Coffee Air Brewer Offers Delicious Coffee and Cold Brew (

The VacOne Coffee Air Brewer uses vacuum pump technology to make a smooth cup of coffee every time. The innovative VacTec mechanical pump uses air pressure to pull the water through the grounds, allowing it to filter bloom and reduce bitterness. Along with smooth hot coffee, the Air Brewer makes a quick and easy 4-minute cold brew.

The clean plastic and glass esthetic exudes class without sacrificing portability. The coffee maker’s built-in USB-chargeable feature creates a convenient cordless design with an estimated 200 carafes of coffee per charge cycle. Because the brewer is waterproof, the coffee maker can be cleaned with a simple rinse, saving consumers valuable time.

The VacOne Air Brewer comes with everything but hot water. The box includes a hand-made borosilicate glass carafe, a reusable metal mesh filter, a USB charging cable, a few brewing implements, and the brewing attachment itself.

Image Credit: VacOne

May 7, 2021
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