Consummate Crossover Vans – This 4×4 Camper Seamlessly Switches From Dirt to Paved Roads (

Hymer, whose European-inspired camper vans have long been a smash hit among lovers of the American great outdoors, is introducing a brand new 4×4 camper that is designed to offer exceptionally smooth handling and comfort on the road as well as on the dirt trail.

The CrossOver editions of the Hymer 4×4, which include the ML-T 570 and the Grand Canyon S, are fitted with all-terrain tires that allow them to navigate treacherous terrain with relative ease. However, what’s great about these 4×4 campers is the fact that they can easily transition to regular roads and crowded urban environments thanks to the inclusion of high-tech features such as lane assist, traffic sign sensors and distance assist.

Available for less than $130,000 and $150,000 respectively for the Grand Canyon S and ML-T variants, these Hymer 4×4 crossover vans promise an unbeatable balance between ruggedness and versatility.

January 28, 2021
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