Christine Quinn: I Caught COVID-19 … But It Didn’t Stop Me From Hosting My Dream Wedding!

Last time we checked in on Christine Quinn,  she was throwing shade at Heather Rae Young’s engagement to Tarek El Moussa.

Of course, Quinn has nothing but good things to say about her own marriage — though she’d likely be the first to admit that things got off to a very rocky start.

Christine Quinn Wedding Photo

If you’re a fan Netflix’s Selling Sunset, then you’re probably aware that Christine married Christian Richard last year in a ceremony befitting her larger-than-life personality.

Quinn’s black dress struck many fans as an odd choice, but it may have been appropriate for reasons that go beyond the “wicked wonderland” theme that she and Richard settled on:

As it turns out, their wedding was very nearly the cause of a deadly coronavirus outbreak!

Quinn Wedding

To be fair, Christine and her husband are in no way to blame for this near-catastrophe.

Still, if you’re the type of person who flies into a rage over stories of maskless Americans ignoring social distancing protocols, you may want to stop reading here.

Quinn and her man tied the knot way back on December 15, a more innocent time when phrases like “anti-masker” had not yet entered our national vocabulary.

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard

But no one knows exactly when the coronavirus first made landfall in the States, and there’s reason to believe that Christine was sick with the ‘rona as she exchanged vows.

Quinn says she began to feel ill the night before her nuptials, but having already dropped close to $1 million on the ceremony and reception, there was no way she was gonna let a touch of the flu — or what she thought was the flu — keep her down.

Her wedding planner, Lisa Lafferty, says she caught Christine’s illness — and she now believes it was COVID-19.

“I got sick literally right after the wedding was over,” Lafferty recently told Page Six.

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“I went to the urgent care and I had influenza, but I didn’t test for corona because it wasn’t even a thing at the time.”

Perhaps it was just a particularly virulent case of the flu.

But it’s certainly possible that Christine was among the first Americans to come down COVID-19.

Christine Quinn Pic

Again, it’s not her fault that she came so close to potentially infecting her guests, but we hope that very nearly becoming the cause of a mini-outbreak has inspired Christine to be especially vigilant about the virus in recent months.

Selling Sunset producers may not have realized the severity of Christine’s illness, but there was plenty of drama to be documented regardless.

Quinn’s co-star Chrishell Stause had just split from Justin Hartley three weeks earlier, and at one point, she became upset and stormed out of the reception.

Chrishell Stause with Justin Hartley

Still, Christine herself remained at center-stage, having shelled out for one of the most expensive weddings in the history of reality television.

Not surprisingly, Lafferty says orchestrating the event while making sure that both Christine and Sunset producers were sufficiently happy resulted in something of a nightmarish balancing act.

“The most outrageous request was definitely the snow and all the ice,” Lafferty told Page Six.

Christine Quinn on Instagram

“She wanted it to be a spectacle  and full of theatrics, and we just did it up,” she added.

“It took a lot of elements to have it there — fire marshals, we had to shut down streets. It was definitely a big production.”

The important thing, of course, is that blushing bride was pleased with the way things turned out.

Well, actually, the important thing is that no one became deathly ill, but we don’t want to split hairs!

August 11, 2020
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