BTS Share Trailer for New Video Game BTS Universe Story: Watch

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BTS may not be able to go on a world tour right now due to coronavirus, but that won’t stop them from connecting with fans worldwide. The record-breaking K-pop stars and Netmarble have just released the trailer for BTS Universe Story, a brand new video game that stars all seven members of the South Korean group, which will be available to play around the globe.

Don’t mistake BTS Universe Story as a follow-up to their 2019 mobile game BTS World. Instead, this is an “interactive social game” that plays out like a totally fresh RPG. By following the main objective, fans can participate in a pre-determined plot where each choice impacts later gameplay. However, the game also boasts additional modes, such as “Story Creation”, where users can form an in-game story from scratch, and “Collection”, where users can dress up the characters from the BTS Universe as well as their own custom creations.

The 10-minute-long trailer for BTS Universe Story is a rather cinematic look at the game. Over that runtime, it gives viewers a good idea of what to expect: live-action scripts with BTS, CGI animations of the musicians, a string of alternate worlds, the previously mentioned gameplay modes, and a mysterious photograph that seems to be a puzzle piece for a larger narrative. Watch it below.

BTS Universe Story comes out globally on September 24th via Netmarble. Pre-orders for the game are currently ongoing at its official website.

Of course, this is just the latest of several special releases BTS have rolled out lately. Over the last few weeks, they’ve taken the MTV VMAs stage for the first time, teamed up with Hyundai on the single “Ioniq”, performed two remote sets on the Today Show, and announced their upcoming concert film Break the Silence. Somehow, they still have the energy to drop a brand new album before the year’s end, too.

September 16, 2020
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