Box Set of Bon Scott’s Pre-AC/DC Band Fraternity Released with Previously Unheard Tracks

Bon Scott Pre-AC/DC Band Fraternity Box Set

A box set of late singer Bon Scott’s pre-AC/DC prog-rock band Fraternity has been released via Cherry Red Records. The 3-CD collection, titled Seasons of Change, encompasses Fraternity’s complete recorded output from 1970 to 1974.

Along with Fraternity’s two full-length albums, 1971’s Livestock and 1972’s Flaming Galah, the box set includes non-album singles, B-sides, EP tracks, live tracks, and the band’s “lost” third album, Second Chance.

“Scott’s tenure with Fraternity has been poorly documented on the reissue market,” reads Cherry Red’s description of the set. “Of the two albums the band had issued at the time, Livestock and Flaming Galah, neither album has been released officially. And their story has never been told accurately.”

The collection was officially curated by the surviving members of Fraternity. In addition, the long-lost cache of session tapes for Second Chance were uncovered during the research stages for the box set. These are complemented by live tracks recorded at Port Lincoln, South Australia, and unheard songs with vocal/songwriting contributions from Bon Scott.

While not the riff-fueled hard rock of AC/DC, Fraternity had a sound all their own, falling under the “Australian progressive rock” umbrella and mixing elements of folk and blues rock. The title of the box set is taken from arguably the band’s most well-known single, “Seasons of Change”.

The set retails for can be purchased via Amazon or Cherry Red. See Bon Scott and the rest of Fraternity performing “Seasons of Change”, followed by the box set’s artwork and tracklist below.

Fraternity: Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings 1970-1974 Artwork:

Fraternity Box Set of Bon Scott’s Pre AC/DC Band Fraternity Released with Previously Unheard Tracks

Fraternity: Seasons of Change – The Complete Recordings 1970-1974 Tracklist:

Disc One – Livestock:

01. Livestock

02. Somerville

03. Raglan’s Folly

04. Cool Spot

05. Grand Canyon Suites

06. Jupiter Landscape

07. You Have A God

08. It

09. Why Did It Have To Be Me?

10. Question

11. Seasons Of Change (Single Version)

12. Somerville (Single Version)

13. The Race Part 1

14. The Race Part 2

Disc Two – Flaming Galah

01. Welfare Boogie

02. Annabelle

03. Seasons Of Change

04. If You Got It

05. You Have A God

06. Hemming’s Farm

07. Raglan’s Folly

08. Getting Off

09. Somerville R.I.P

10. Canyon Suite

11. The Shape I’m In

12. If You Got It

13. Raglan’s Folly

14. You Have A God

15. Seasons Of Change / If You Got It (Hoadley’s Battle Of The Sounds 1971)

Disc Three – Second Chance

01. Second Chance

02. Tiger

03. Going Down

04. Requiem

05. Patch Of Land

06. Cool Spot (Alternative Version)

07. Hogwash

08. Chest Fever

09. Little Queenie

10. The Memory

11. Just Another Whistle Stop

12. No Particular Place To Go

13. Livestock

14. Rented Room Blues

15. Get Myself Out Of This Place (Alias Getting Off)

16. That’s Alright Momma

January 22, 2021
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