Black Friday iPhone deals: get the iPhone 11 Pro for free at Verizon and score $300

Black Friday iPhone deals

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Fancy one of the best Black Friday iPhone deals this year? At Verizon, you can score yourself a free iPhone 11 Pro plus $300 in gift cards right now, but as you’d imagine – there are a few rings to jump through first. 

There are a few steps here, but hear us out – we’ll break it right down into plain English. Firstly a $350 discount is available for all customers who buy the iPhone 11 Pro with a new unlimited data line. Do that, and you’ll instantly secure a rebate on your monthly bill over 24 months – effectively reducing it from $41.6 to $27.08. You can then further supplement that one of two further deals, one for trading in an old device and one for switching over. 

Trading in that old device will secure you up to another $550 off your monthly bill in rebates (over 24 months, like the online discount), which will reduce it down to around $4 a month by our calculations. If you’re switching over, Verizon will also instantly give you $400 in gift cards, which means you can effectively pay off that $99 ($4 a month) phone bill and pocket the extra $300… 

Need a summary? Ok, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: buy-online with a new unlimited line to get $350 off
  • Step 2: trade-in old phone to get $550 off
  • Step 3: switch over to Verizon for a $400 gift card

Ok, so it’s rather complicated, and quite niche, but this is a fantastic offer and what’s more – even if you’re not switching you can still get an awesome discount today. We actually think this is one of, if not the best, Black Friday iPhone deals available right now, and we doubt it’ll be beaten by any of its iPhone 12 deals this year. That said, there should be more Black Friday iPhone deals from Verizon tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Black Friday iPhone deal: free 11 Pro, plus $300

November 25, 2020
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