Big Brother Recap: Janelle Pierzina Plots to Get Nicole Franzel Evicted!

It’s hard to believe we’re two weeks into Big Brother: All-Stars, and we’re still waiting for blindside to shake the game up. 

Wednesday’s new episode picked up with Nicole A and David on the block, and they both worried their future in the game was coming to an end. 

David, for his part, was mad about Memphis calling him out and welcoming him to the game after he was put on the block. 

Veto Competition on Big Brother

In all honesty, David is not an all-star. He had a great read on the houseguests last season when he was in Camp Comeback. 

Beyond that, however, he didn’t get to prove himself. Unfortunately, he’s not playing a decent game this season and will probably not last for long. 

Tyler was furious at Memphis for the way he spoke to David, because let’s face it, he could have said what he had to say to David in a much nicer way. 

Janelle, who really is the Queen of Big Brother, looked at the nominations as an opportunity to take someone she despises out of the game. 

Memphis on Big Brother

Yep, we’re totally talking about Nicole F here, and it was super-weird the edit portrayed Janelle as the aggressor. 

If you keep up with the feeds, you know everyone has been gunning for Janelle from the get-go, so CBS is creating its own narrative for the events in the house. 

It made sense that Janelle threw Nicole F’s name up as a potential backdoor target. Nicole F already won the game once, and made it to the jury house the other time she played. 

What screwed Janelle over was that she named Tyler, Cody, Dani, and Nicole F as an alliance to Memphis. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

Memphis quickly took the news back to his alliance and made it clear he did not think a backdoor plan would go down well this week. 

Understandably, everyone in his team was dismayed, mostly because Janelle or Kaysar could take one of them out next week. 

When it came to the veto competition, Nicole F, Ian, and Tyler joined the two nominees and it was essentially an endurance competition. 

Both Nicoles and Ian were eliminated early, and David opted to try to throw Memphis off his game by yelling, but it only made him look silly. 

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

In the end, Memphis won the POV. 

Nicole F, Dani, and Cody wanted Memphis to take a shot at Janelle this week because it would make things easier down the line. 

Memphis ruffled some feathers in his alliance and kept the noms the same. Boring, right?

This season is shaping up to be one of the worst and it’s largely because nobody is doing anything remotely exciting. 

The moves are safe, and everyone is just following along. 

Big Brother continues Thursday at 8/7c.

August 20, 2020
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