Big Boi dreams up duet with music icon Kate Bush

Outkast star Big Boi has teased there may be a new collaboration with one of his musical heroes – Kate Bush.

The rapper is a lifelong fan of the Wuthering Heights singer and even jetted to Britain in 2014 to catch one of her comeback shows in London, where he met the Brit backstage.

“I love Kate Bush,” he told journalist Lyndsey Parker in a recorded interview for Sirius XM.

“That’s my people, man,” Big Boi explained.

“My uncle turned me on to her since I was, like, in 8th grade… He turned me on to Kate and Fleetwood Mac and Sting and Lynyrd Skynyrd,” he recollected, enthusing that Kate Bush tied with Bob Marley for his ‘top two artists of all time,’ with N.W.A. a close contender.

Recalling his meeting with Bush backstage at the Hammersmith Apollo six years ago, Big Boi added: “It was super-dope to go in and just to see all the songs play out onstage and the theatrical everything. And at the end of the show, she invited me and my wife back to the dressing room to have a glass of wine.”

Kate and Big Boi met for dinner in 2017 and now the rap star is hoping to get in the studio with the singer for a dream duet that could appear on Big Sleepover, his upcoming joint album with Sleepy Brown.

“Stay tuned,” he said, “I can’t even talk about it right now!”

July 24, 2020
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