Bernie the Merch Man: Our New Shirt Supports Touring Crew Members

The minute we saw that one chilly Vermonter huddled over with crossed arms, a ragged but resolute stare plastered on his face, memories of concerts past instantly came rushing in. Specifically our encounters with merch stand folks, the unsung heroes of every glorious live music-filled night.

So, in honor of all the hardworking merch table workers out there, no doubt hit hard by this pandemic, we’ve taken the Internet’s favorite meme and made it a charitable reality with our Merch Man long sleeve T-shirt. The incredibly detailed illustration was designed by Steve Fiche and printed on a navy blue shirt.

The Merch Man shirt is the third piece in our Protect Live Music merch capsule and is available in limited quantities. To help support merch slingers and other touring crew members, 50% of net proceeds will be donated to Crew Nation, which provides assistance to live music industry crew members impacted by COVID-19.

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January 23, 2021
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