Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas: Have They Broken Up Already?!

Whether you’re a sexual partner or a big-budget superhero franchise, it’s hard to keep Ben Affleck interested for long.

The former Batfleck often gives the impression that he’s looking to settle down, and possibly even get married a second time.

But then, just like Bruce Wayne or the guy who was married to Amazing Amy in Gone Girl, Ben gets bored and restless, and heads out into the night in search of adventure or a side-piece.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

In other words, remember how Affleck was dating Ana de Armas?

Yeah, it looks like that’s not a thing anymore.

As for whether or not Ben and Ana have officially called it quits … well, that’s not quite clear.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

But based on a new report from In Touch, we’re guessing you won’t be seeing any more loved-up paparazzi pics of these two.

The actors apparently moved very quickly in the early days of their relationship, and Ana moved in with Ben shortly after the coronavirus lockdown hit LA.

It turns out that may not have been the best idea.

Ana de Armas In White

“The honeymoon phase is over for Ana and Ben,” an insider tells the tabloid, noting that the relationship began to go south “when they moved in together.” 

We know what you’re thinking — did Affleck relapse again?

That’s mighty judgmental of you, Hypothetical Reader, but since Ben has admitted his drinking drove Jennifer Garner away, we suppose it’s natural to be curious.


But no, it seems that the age gap (Affleck is 48, Ana 32) and differences in lifestyle simply wore Ben and Ana down.

“Ana rocketed to stardom since dating Ben and has a bunch of movies lined up. She’s young, ambitious and her career will always come first,” says the source.

“While Ben wants her to succeed, he’s needy and feels lost and lonely when she’s off gallivanting the world without him,” adds the insider.

Ana de Armas Photo

“[Jennifer Garner’s] whole life revolved around Ben and the kids when they were married. That’s what he’s used to, but Ana is more independent.”

Yeah, we suppose if you’re looking for someone who wants to sit at home and binge the many streaming services you can afford because you’re loaded, a partner who’s 16 years your junior and who recently reached a new level in their career is less than ideal.

“Ana won’t tolerate Ben’s neediness in the same way Jen did, and they’ve gotten into huge fights about it since living together,” says the insider.

Ben Affleck Looks Pissed

The source adds that “Ben and Ana were inseparable at the beginning.”

But now, Ana feels that she needs more “space.”

It’s nice that Ben helped Ana’s career, but it sounds like this relationship has run its course.

Ben Affleck Winks

The best thing for Ben to do now would be to just distance himself from the situation without taking any credit for what he’s done, just like his characters in Argo and Gigli.

Okay, we have no idea if that’s how Gigli ends because we never saw it, but here’s the thing — neither did you.

Fun fact: No one saw that damn movie!

January 15, 2021
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