Baroness and Windhand Members Form New Band Darling, Unveil First Single “Baptists”: Stream


Baroness guitarist Gina Gleason, Windhand singer Dorthia Cottrell, and guitarist Leanne Martz have joined forces for a new project called Darling. The trio also shared their debut single, the haunting “Baptists”.

Fans of both Baroness and Windhand should find something to like about the new song. The deep bass pulses and shimmering electric guitars recall the soft interludes and segues of Baroness’ 2019 album, Gold & Grey. Meanwhile, Cottrell recites cryptic poetry through her inimitable sultry croon.

In an acoustic form, the song could have worked well on one of Cottrell’s folk-based solo work. But Gleason and Martz color out a lush soundscape, offering yet another viable sonic palette for Cottrell’s words and voice. “Baptists” will be “the first of many more to come,” according to Cottrell.

“So Gina and Leanne and I have been playing and writing songs together for a little while now just having fun and trying to live out our childhood ‘all girl band’ fantasies haha,” Cottrell said via Instagram. “This is one of the songs we have been working on and we are nervous but excited to share it with you all!

“Its an honor and a blast to play with these two extremely talented women who I am very lucky to consider two of my best friends. You can pay what you want for the song on our Bandcamp and we’ve decided to donate all the proceeds to the [For the Gworls] fund for black trans people that helps with rent and gender affirmative surgery, as this song is about someone I loved a lot who was a part of the trans community but who sadly is no longer with us as a result of the difficulties she faced just trying to be herself.”

The “Baptists” single is pay-what-you-want and can be purchased via Darlings’ Bandcamp page, with proceeds going to benefit For the Gworls. Listen to the song and check out the single artwork below.

“Baptists” Single Artwork:


July 22, 2020
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