Barbara Weber Spills All: Will Peter and Kelley Get Engaged?!?

Barbara Weber is not a woman who lacks for opinions.

Or haters.

Barbara Weber and pete

The mother of recent Bachelor star Peter Weber, Barbara made her presence VERY strongly felt this past season.

Most notably, she told Madison Prewett — in nary an uncertain term — that she wasn’t the right match for her son… mostly because Madison was a virgin and Peter just adored takiing trips to Pound Town.

Fast forward many months later and Barbara has proven to be prescient.

Peter and Madison split ages ago; and the erection-loving pilot is now happily involved with Kelley Flanagan.

Peter and Kelley (The Bachelor)

Will wedding bells soon ring for the couple?

With fans wondering when Peter might propose, his mother addressed this topic as part of a wide-ranging interview with Life & Style.

“They’re going to do this day by day,” Barbara explained to the publication, emphasizing that the reality stars are in “no rush” to exchange vows and adding:

“Now, basically, it’s just enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other more. When the day comes, I’ll let you know!”

Kelley Flanagan with Her Man

To be clear, though, Barbara says Kelley and her son are “madly in love with each other” and are “very compatible.”

The most important [thing], I think, in any relationship is to really have fun with each other and they definitely do have fun with each other,” she added.

Peter may have gone through both Madison AND Hanna Ann Sluss to find the right match, but Barbara says she’s never seen her kid happier.

Peter and Kelley (The Bachelor)

“To me, that’s just the greatest gift — to see him so involved and so in love and so happy,” she said.

“He’s just over the moon and he always tells me that she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

While competing for the pilot’s heart on the ABC franchise, Flanagan was cut from the competition in week seven — before hometown dates got underway.

Weber then proposed to Sluss and dated Prewett for about 48 hours in March before that romance ended.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on Tik Tok

Barbara says she has “absolutely no bad feelings” toward these exes. They simply aren’t Flanagan.

“It’s not that I had a dislike for Madison at all, I just never saw Peter and Madison together as a mom,” she told the tabloid.

“As a mom you can see much more than anyone else. You know, your son very well, and I think he’s a great girl.

“As a matter of fact, I think both of them are great girls. I wish them all the very, very best and may their lives just be beautiful and smooth sailings ahead.”

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan: Here We Are!

Peter and Kelley have spent more of the pandemic living together in the latter’s Chicago apartment.

But they’ll soon be moving to New York City and Barb sounds confident they’ll tie the knot… someday.

“They’re adorable and it makes me so happy,” she says.

“Gosh, because when your child is happy, the mom is like a million times happier!

“I’m so happy to see them … that they really understand each other and they’re very into each other.”

July 21, 2020
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