Automotive Rebranded Logos – GM Reworked Its Logo to Reflect Its Electrically-Powered Future (

GM announced that it will modernize its logo, which had been in use for more than 50 years, in favour of a new design that reflects the companies electrically-powered future.

The new design uses lower case letters in place of the previous upper-case design, as well as a white background. Other new aspects of the logo include a square with round corners and three colors, including blue-black and a blue gradient. GM says that the new logo better reflects the companies electrically-powered future and the “clean skies of a zero-emissions future.”

In addition to the redesigned logo, the company also launched a marketing campaign on Jan. 11, that focuses on the Ultium platform. The automotive company is dedicated to more sustainable practices and is investing $27 billion into EVs and hopes to have 30 on the market by 2025.

Image Credit: GM

January 15, 2021
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