Audio-Integrated Car Headrests – Harman’s Personal Audio Headrest Gives Passengers More Control (

As the regular consumer looks to have more choice on what car they drive, color choices, and many other elements of the interior and exterior, a new form of customization has emerged at CES 2021 with Harman’s Personal Audio Headrest Platform.

Harman’s new introduction allows the passenger to listen to their own music, control the volume, and enjoy 3D spatial audio levels. Harman looks to fuel the personalized consumer desire to create a private surround zone for all passengers in the car, even the driver.

This innovation would open a new avenue for car manufacturers and audio platforms to cater to the individual passenger and build a more customized experience for their passengers. Long gone are the days of singing your favorite song with family or friends, or arguing over the AUX cord with your siblings.

Image Credit: Harman

January 21, 2021
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