Anuel AA and Ozuna Drop New Collaborative Album Los Dioses: Stream

Reggaeton stars Anuel AA and Ozuna have released their new collaborative album, Los Dioses. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

Los Dioses has been a long time coming for the two Puerto Rican rappers. Both Anuel AA and Ozuna have been hinting at a collaborative project for years, and it wasn’t until a recent interview with Apple Music that they opened up about how it finally came together. Apparently when the time was right, the music just poured out of them. “We really did all the songs like in four days,” said Anuel. “It’s not like we working. We just vibing.”

The album spans 12 tracks in total and includes their previously released single “Los Dioses”, which opens with a sample of John Cena’s famous wrestling theme-turned meme. From there, the rest of the record sees the two showing off their respective skills as Latin trap icons. It’s hard not to be impressed with Anuel in particular considering he announced he was retiring from music last year, but don’t overlook Ozuna either, who does more than his fair share of work here to pick up where Nibiru left off.


Los Dioses Artwork:

Los Dioses by Ozuna and Anuel AA album artwork cover art January 22, 2021

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