Antiviral Textile Coatings – IFTNA Debuted an Antiviral Fabric Coating to Protect Users from COVID (

Intelligent Fabric Technologies North America (IFTNA), a Canadian biotech firm, recently launched a new specialty coating — called PROTX2 AV — that’s designed to protect the wearer’s clothing from any viruses. Thus far, the coating has not been tested against COVID-19, but IFTNA plans to confirm the protection against the coronavirus soon and suspects the coating will destroy 99.9 per cent of COVID-19 in the span of 10 minutes and will continue to fight it off for 24 hours after application.

According to IFTNA, “the chemical penetrates the virus’s outer shell and destroys its replication process, and it can be applied during the textile finishing process without requiring additional machinery or steps.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock

July 9, 2020
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