Anti-Microbial Fresh Produce Packaging – Veg-Fresh Farms Boasts New Smart Plastic Additive Tech (

US-based Veg-Fresh Farms had revolutionized the fresh produce packaging category by introducing an option that is anti-microbial. The company has identified a “growing need for packaging protection with foodborne illnesses becoming one of the top threats to the industry.”

The new fresh produce packaging technology incorporates Smart Plastic additive technology and is inserted into the plastics in small percentages in order to create “a stronger barrier against outside contamination.” Initially, Veg-Fresh Farms has introduced the revolutionary fresh produce packaging film to its Brussels sprouts. The company has plans to add the technology to other packaging formats, as well—from lidding films to clamshells.

The innovative fresh produce packaging is expected to add protection against salmonella, listeria, E. coli, MRSA, as well as dozens of other organisms that can cause harm to consumers.

September 6, 2020
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