Anonymous Health Treatment Platforms – Peer Medical Created an Anonymous Cancer Treatment Database (

Peer Medical is a startup company that allows patients with lung cancer to share their treatment options in an anonymous fashion. Sharing treatment plans helps other patients see which treatment options have had success. Peer Medical will also have search functions that allow users to filter based on biomarker, stage, age, as well as gender. Currently, patients can sign up and complete electronic health records in under a minute.

The company was started by Ed Spiegal, and it has recently realized a total of $1.2 million USD in seed funding. Spiegal also commented on how Peer Medical leverages crowdsourcing to improve services, “It’s a little like you as a driver using Waze to crowdsource information from other drivers to get to the perfect route because you’re learning from all the other people.”

Image Credit: Peer Medical

September 7, 2020
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