90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: Does Andrei Castravet Call Elizabeth Potthast the C-Word?

Tensions have been rising between Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast since their arrival in Moldova emboldened Andrei to be on his worst behavior.

A new sneak peek shows Elizabeth preparing for her wedding … but fans are already buzzing about the vile word that Andrei called his wife.

Andrei Castravet Yells Obscenities at Wife Elizabeth Potthast

We want to get into the vile exchange between Andrei and Elizabeth, but first, let’s cover the official sneak peek.

In the accompanying video, you can see Elizabeth and Andrei arrive at a church.

They are still in Moldova and preparing for their second wedding. Part of that means that Elizabeth needs to convert.

Elizabeth Potthast in-laws - oh you don't christian?

Elizabeth and Andrei are both Christians, but Elizabeth is a Baptist — a protestant denomination with Calvinist theological heritage.

Andrei and his family are part of the dominant religion of Moldova, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, an early offshoot popular in Greece and Slavic countries.

In order to have an Orthodox wedding, they must both be Orthodox. Thus, Elizabeth has to convert.

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet - name card in Moldova

Part of this process means that Elizabeth cannot wear makeup and must wear all white clothing.

Elizabeth is the first to admit that she has no idea what to expect, really.

To those of us who are not Christians, the differences in denominations can seem academic, but it can be a huge deal to believers — in terms of theology and in terms of way of life.

Elizabeth Potthast Prepares to Convert

Elizabeth is eager to get this done and to move on so that they can continue preparing to marry.

Andrei, too, explains thatt his is “important” because it will allow them to have this traditional wedding (that Chuck is paying for).

This is all new to Elizabeth … but though the sneak peek ends there, we know that things get worse as the wedding planning continues.

Andrei Castravet to Elizabeth Potthast - now you're just being annoying

Though not part of any official sneak peeks, some footage is loose on in the internet depicting Andrei and Elizabeth’s continued wedding planning.

To Andrei’s annoyance, Elizabeth wants to (as is customary almost everywhere) sample food that will be served at her wedding that her dad is paying for.

Instead, she is presented with a book of pictures of food. This seems to satisfy Andrei, but Elizabeth wants to make an effort to actually plan the wedding.

Andrei Castravet to Elizabeth Potthast - you're bleeping annoying, BLEEP

After Andrei continues to interrupt her while she speaks to the camera, Elizabeth has had enough, and snaps: “Don’t interrupt me!”

“You’re f–king annoying, ****,” he fires back, demanding that his wife “Just shut up.”

Did he call her a c–t? TLC used four asterisks, though some fans who saw the clip say that lip-reading tells them that he called her a “bitch.” Still unacceptable.

Andrei Castravet to Elizabeth Potthast - shut up don't bleeping tell me to do this now

“You shut up!” Elizabeth fired back, upset and hurt at her husband’s foul-mouthed attack.

“Don’t f–king tell me how to do this now,” Andrei yelled back, prompting Elizabeth to storm off.

Fans are absolutely furious. Andrei has always been rude, selfish, lazy, entitled, smug, and impossible to like, but now, fans are seeing red.

Low Faagata - pissed off laser eyes edit

Some 90 Day Fiance fans have suggested that, seeing how protective Kalani’s dad is of his own daughters, TLC should invite Low Faagata to the Tell All, play footage of Andrei, and see what happens.

We here at The Hollywood Gossip of course do not endorse any form of violence.

That would, of course, include any scenario where a man, however much of a jerk, gets absolutely pummeled.

The real solution would be for Elizabeth to divorce him, ending this toxic marriage.

July 18, 2020
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