6 Consumer Tech Products Taking the Market By Storm in 2021

2020 may have paused normal activities for most people, but the tech world advances at an unprecedented pace. As engineers, coders, and inventors continue to push the envelope, it can be tough for consumers to keep up with each and every new development. We have Black Friday this week and in one week we have Cyber Monday. Here are six consumer tech products you’ll want to check out.

Not every tech trend finds its footing, but the ones that become a hit will have an irrevocable impact on how we do things.

It’s not always easy to know which new products will last and which won’t, but there are still a few products that all informed consumers should know about going into 2021 — here are some of the best:

  1. Gabb Wireless Kids Phones

The past year has taught everyone the importance of using technology in order to connect with others, and we need tools that can work for everyone. In particular, kids need devices that let them connect with friends and loved ones without having free reign over the internet.

Gabb Wireless has stepped up to fill this gap. Gabb has come up with a cell phone for kids that’s a must-purchase for parents in the coming year.

Gabb’s kids’ phones look and respond like modern smartphones while still featuring some key parental controls and usability upgrades needed for keeping children safe. Gabb’s products are great for teaching kids the basics of phone use, but parents concerned that their children are spending too much time on their devices will find a lot of value in what Gabb has to offer as well.

  1. Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Okay, so this probably isn’t new news to you, but the impact of both Microsoft and Sony launching their gaming consoles cannot be overstated. Competition between the new Xbox Series X and the PlayStation5 is poised to be particularly fierce this holiday season and beyond. Consumers need to keep their ears to the ground regarding console exclusives and performance specifications if they want to stay informed.

Those who didn’t score early pre-orders need not worry: it can sometimes take months or even years of reviews, patches, community feedback, and new releases to know which console is right for you. Whatever your preference, don’t expect the console war to cool off anytime soon — in fact, it’s just getting started.

  1. Flare Calmer Earplugs

Before, it was IMAX movies, rock concerts, and traffic that did our ears in  — now it’s the television, family arguments, and endless Zoom calls. In any case, wear and tear on the ears is common across all facets of society, yet earplugs have largely stayed the same for decades.

Enter Flare’s Calmer earplugs. Calmer earplugs don’t just block out sound — they filter the sound safely to your eardrum, dampening harmful, annoying vibrations and increasing sound quality in general. These earplugs only allow crystal clear sound to reach the inner ear. Calmer earplugs can make everything from talking on the phone to blasting music a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Zoom for Home

While promises of a vaccine may make the end of COVID-19 feel that much nearer — remote work is not going anywhere any time soon in several industries. Employees need something better than their years-old laptop display and webcam to communicate with family, friends and their team. Zoom for home has them covered.

Zoom for Home is a state-of-the-art 27-inch touchscreen that allows for seamless calls and breakout meetings. The interface is elegant, easy to use, and means that you no longer have to juggle between work and calls on a single monitor. Zoom is here to stay, and Zoom for Home makes that fact a lot more appealing.

  1. Plume Adapt

Speaking of working from home, consumers also realize that they need top-notch WiFi to stay productive at home. Nothing disrupts a workflow as much as losing your internet connection. Thankfully, smart home service provider Plume has the solution: Adapt from Plume HomePass.

Adapt is adaptive and proactive WiFi that uses AI cloud-based technology to learn how and when consumers use their devices. The system automatically optimizes itself to meet your WiFi needs on the devices that need it throughout the day.

For example, if you are on a zoom call every Monday morning at 10 and your two kids play video games every day from 10 to noon, Adapt will learn these behaviors and adjust the WiFi distribution so all family members can work and play seamlessly. These useful features will come in handy as many continue their work from home lifestyle into 2021.

  1. LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle

COVID-19 has inspired more people than ever to hit the outdoors and appreciate nature in ways they never have before — being cooped up inside for months at a time can do that to a person. To accompany them, adventurers need a water bottle that can do more than just look good and store liquid.

The self-cleaning bottle from LARQ is perfect for people looking for ways to take their water everywhere without worrying about endless bottle maintenance. Each LARQ bottle contains a UV light that eliminates nearly all bio-contaminants, so long-haulers don’t need to pack a bottle-cleaning kit to go along with the rest of their gear. The LARQ bottle isn’t just for outdoorsy types, though — it’s for anyone who wants easy, regular access to the cleanest water they can get.

Tech is always pushing forward, but consumers have to know what to look for if they want to reap the benefits of that innovation. Consider this list a jumping-off point: this is just a taste of what the newest generation of tech has brought us, but the march forward never stops.

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November 24, 2020
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