360 AR Mountain Experiences – The National Geographic Everest AR Experience Lets You Virtually Visit (TrendHunter.com)

National Geographic and Rolex recently joined forces to launch the ‘Everest AR Experience,’ an interactive AR feature on Instagram that will virtually allow users to climb Mt. Everest. The virtual experience was launched in order to celebrate the July issue of National Geographic magazine that focuses solely on the mountain.

The Everest AR Experience allows users to shift between different 360° views at various locations on the mountain. Users will be donning modern-day climbing gear with the opportunity to take and share selfies throughout the trip.

The virtual climb also boasts a Spark AR feature to enables multiple AR filters to be combined. On the user’s end, it only displays one AR filter, but National Geographic is able to “create one of the highest fidelity Spark AR experiences yet.”

In addition, users can see virtual scientists collection samples of ice core and installing the world’s highest weather station — both real accomplishments that took place in 2019 that help provide vital new insights on the effects of climate change on high mountains.

July 17, 2020
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