2020 US Presidential election results live stream: watch all today’s latest updates anywhere

us presidential election results live stream 2020 trump vs biden

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We’re now on day 3 of the the 2020 US Presidential election this Thursday, and as the day progresses, media coverage is looking more and more favorably on the chances of Democratic challenger Joe Biden, who currently leads Republican incumbent Donald Trump by 264 electoral college votes to 214. Victory in Nevada, which is expected to declare today, would see Mr Biden reach the total of 270 he needs to win the keys to the White House, but remember that Arizona may be put back on the board at some point – and that President Trump has already launched a range of legal challenges in various states. In other words, this election is far from over, so read on as our unbiased guide explains how to watch a US Presidential election results live stream and catch all the latest updates out of America from anywhere right now.

2020 US Presidential Election results: live stream

Election Day 2020 was Tuesday, November 3, but vote counting is continuing well into Wednesday and likely beyond, so both domestic and international coverage of the US Presidential election remains hard to avoid – you’ll find little else being talked about, no matter how hard you try. Full TV and live streaming details can be found below and you can watch your preferred channel or commentary from anywhere with the help of a VPN.

Nevada is expected to announce its result from 9am ET/6am PT at the earliest, with Georgia and its 16 electoral votes also expected to be awarded today. Traditionally a staunch Republican state, things look unexpectedly close in GA, as with 95% reporting as of yesterday, Trump’s margin was just 0.5% or around 23,000 votes. A win there would almost certainly suggest Biden is on his way to the White House, regardless of if the AP and other news outlets got it wrong in giving Arizona to Mr Biden – more recent reports out of Maricopa County offering the Republican faithful hope that Trump could, in fact, have held the state by a razor-thin margin.

The other three states still in play include two tough battlegrounds: North Carolina, with an important 15 votes, and Pennsylvania, where Trump’s lead appears to be eroding as votes in more pro-Biden areas continue to be counted. Judging by this morning’s papers, Philadelphia’s media seem to think Biden will turn the tide by the time the state declares tomorrow. Alaska with its 3 votes is also still undeclared, but it’s largely a technicality as it’s a virtually guaranteed red state in the same way Massachusetts is certified blue.

However, the real question is: when would a potential Biden ‘win’ actually be a win Legal challenges and a recount in Arizona and other states such as Michigan and Wisconsin and more now seem more of an inevitability than a possibility. In other words, the election is still too close to call and any overall result  announced will have a massive asterisk against it for the time being. Don’t miss a second of the political drama – just follow our unbiased guide below to get a 2020 Presidential election results live stream and watch live US election updates online from anywhere on earth.

How to watch the 2020 Presidential election from outside your country 

If you’re currently travelling abroad for work or out of the country, watching your preferred US election coverage may be difficult, as some viewing options could be geo-blocked. 

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix that will let you watch the Presidental election online from anywhere. By downloading a VPN, you can watch no matter where you’re currently located. This simple piece of software changes your IP address to one in a different country where the debate is being broadcast, so you can stream it as if you were back home.

Use a VPN to watch US election results online from anywhere

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watch presidential election results live stream

2020 US Presidential election results live stream: how to watch live updates on Fox News today

Fox News is the go-to channel for many Americans when it comes to politics, offering round-the-clock coverage of Election Day 2020 and it’s still firing on all cylinders heading into Wednesday with a number of key states still to declare. 

Expect non-stop action from the second you wake up o the moment a winner is (provisionally) announced – which could be later today, or could take even longer. It really is that close.

If you’ve got Fox News as part of your cable package, then you’re good to go. Just head to the Fox News website, log in with your credentials, and stream away.

If you don’t have cable, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s also available through great value over-the-top streaming service Sling TV. Fox News comes as part of Sling’s $30 a month Blue bundle, and right now you can take advantage of a FREE 3-day Sling Blue trial to carry you through the election without paying a penny.

How to watch a 2020 US Presidential Election results live stream on CNN this Thursday

Many Americans swear by CNN’s coverage of politics and you can be assured that the news-centric network is still offering full-on Election Day 2020 coverage this Wednesday – and will continue to do so for as long as it takes a winner to be announced.

If you’ve got CNN on cable, then just make for its website, log-in through your TV provider, and sit back and (try to) relax.

Those without cable can easily watch CNN online, too, though – thanks to over-the-top streaming services like Sling TV. Sling offers CNN as part of its great value, $30 a month Blue bundle – and right now, you can get a FREE 3-day Sling Blue trial so you can watch the final results roll in live today.

How to watch Presidential election results coverage live on C-SPAN right now

C-SPAN is a non-profit, public channel funded by the cable industry and is therefore known for its bi-partisan election coverage. You won’t get the same level of glitz and glamour found on some other channels – or big names like Tucker Carson or Wolf Blitzer weighing in with their opinions –  but it’s a great option for those wanting to cut through the noise as the final Presidential election results roll in.

Most usefully, C-SPAN often offers a free live of important government events – something the 2020 Presidential election most definitely qualifies as. The network has now confirmed it will be airing an Election Night results special from 9pm ET/6pm PT, so you can watch a free US Presidential election live stream on C-Span today – either through its website, and likely also later via its YouTube channel.

watch presidential election live stream

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More ways to watch the 2020 US Presidential election live online

Of course, pretty much every TV network in the US and a great many around the world are still covering Election Day 2020, with the Presidential election result still too close to call. Below are country-by-country guides to help you watch the US Presidential election online in places like Canada, the UK and Australia today.

But first here, here are the other main US channels that will be offering round-the-clock Presidential election results coverage – and how to get them without cable.

Watch the US Presidential election on ABC for free today

If you have ABC as part of your cable package, simply head to the ABC website, log-in with your credentials and stream away. Otherwise, you could take advantage of fuboTV’s FREE 7-day trial, which will get you access to ABC’s ongoing Presidential election results coverage – and a whole lot more. It costs $59.99 a month for a Standard plan thereafter, should you decide to keep it.

Watch US Presidential election coverage on CBS for free on Thursday

CBS is available with most basic cable packages, but if you’ve cut the cord and need a streaming-only solution in time for Election Day, then the network’s CBS All Access service has you covered – get a FREE 7-day CBS All Access trial here. It costs $5.99 a month if you decide to keep it for a plan with limited commercials, or $9.99 if you opt for the more premium commercial-free tier.

Watch US Presidential election results coverage on NBC for free right now

NBC is included in nearly all cable packages, and if that’s got you covered, then simply log-in with your TV provider details to watch the Presidential election online direct through the NBC website. Alternatively, you can watch Election Day coverage continue on NBC this Wednesday in a number of major metropolitan markets courtesy of Sling TV and its FREE Sling Blue trial.  Sling is one of the most affordable OTT providers around, and you’ll pay just $30 a month if you decide to keep the package.

Here’s a complete rundown of all your over-the-top streaming options for the US Presidential election 2020:

  • SlingTV $30 per month – With SlingTV’s Sling Blue plan for $30 per month, you’ll get access to CNN, Fox News, Fox, MSNBC, NBC (in select markets) and loads of other live TV channels. The service also lets you watch on three screens simultaneously and record content to watch later with its Cloud DVR.
  • FuboTV $64.99 per month – FuboTV gives you access to 114 live TV channels including ABC, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC and more but it does not include CNN. The service also includes a 7-day free trial so you can test it out for yourself.
  • Hulu with Live TV $54.99 per month – Hulu with Live TV gives you access to all the channels you’ll need to watch the first presidential debate including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. The service also includes its own Hulu Originals and supports a wide variety of streaming devices.
  • AT&T TV Now $55 per month – AT&T TV Now’s Plus plan will give you access to over 45 live TV channels including ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Fox News, MSNBC and NBC. However, if you want even more channels and an HBO Max subscription, you can sign up for the service’s Max plan for $80 per month.
  • YouTube TV $65 per month – YouTube’s live streaming service will give you access to all of the channels you’ll need to watch this year’s presidential debates including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. YouTube TV also has flexible contracts and no extra fees for HD or cancellation.

watch us election in canada

How to watch the US Presidential Election in Canada today

If you live in Canada and want to watch the 2020 US Presidential election live online, you can do so on CBC. Expected continued coverage throughout the day (Wednesday, November 4)

watch us presidential election online uk

US Presidential election results 2020: live stream coverage for free in the UK this Thursday

Nearly all UK terrestrial channels were consumed by the US Presidential Election this Tuesday night and coverage continues well into Wednesday. The best bit is you can watch the US Presidential free online in the UK (provided you’ve got a valid TV license of course).

The BBC and more specifically, BBC One, is still providing full US election coverage until at least 1pm GMT this Wednesday – save for the intermittent local news update (lockdown, anyone?!). 

ITV has reverted to its normal daytime programming, so that means This Morning Britain – but there’s a whole lot of talk about the US election.

Both channels can be watched on TV or through their slick online streaming platforms and apps – BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, respectively.

Remember, it’s 100% FREE to watch the US election in the UK if you’ve got a valid TV license – and Brits abroad wanting to tune in to their home coverage can vote in the services of a good VPN to beam them back to Blighty and their free Election Day live stream of choice.

With polls closing in the US at 9pm ET, that means you can expect to see early results and wild predictions start to roll in from around 2am GMT in the early hours of Wednesday, November 4.

If you’ve got Sky TV, then Sky News can also be expected to continue with round-the-clock coverage of 2020 US Presidential election until the final results are announced.

watch us election live stream australia

How to watch a 2020 US Presidential election live stream in Australia

Australian TV will also offering comprehensive coverage of the 2020 US election.

Free-to-air SBS is a good place to start, while Channel 9 is also going to be weighing in with its take and can be streamed via its 9Now service online.

With polls closing at 9pm ET in America, that means you can expect coverage to intensify and results to start trickling in from around 12pm AEDT on Wednesday, November 4.

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